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To maintain a competitive advantage, both players and online casino websites themselves need to provide bonuses and upgrade activities. Each month, many websites launch at least 10 promotional activities, making it difficult for some players to choose which one to participate in.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you gain a deeper understanding of online casino promotions and find the one that’s best for you!

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Our main strategy is to research the promotional offers of various casinos, in order to obtain maximum bonus with minimal cost.

Which online casino's promotions would you like to learn about?

PANALOKO promotion

Panaloko offers a wide array of promotions, catering to various types of players. These include slot bonuses, a free 100 bonus upon registration, daily deposit rewards, and more. If you’re considering joining Panaloko, we recommend reading the promotion rules beforehand to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential bonuses you could be eligible for.

PGasia Promotion​

PGASIA offers a diverse range of casino promotions! While many promotions are centered around slot games, there are still plenty of unique offers that provide players with abundant bonuses. We highly recommend slot enthusiasts to join PGASIA and take advantage of these exciting promotions!

SuperAce88 Promotion​

SUPERACE88 offers a wide variety of casino promotions! This casino provides generous rewards, such as a high deposit bonus of 100% for deposits over 1000, where you receive an additional 2000. If you’re looking for substantial deposit rewards, we highly recommend high-level gamblers to join SUPERACE88 casino!

JILIKO Promotion​

At JILIKO Casino in the Philippines, there are many promotions available for selection and application. There is a featured promotion every month, but not all bonuses offer high returns as most of the high-return promotions are geared towards slot machine players, and some promotions may not be applicable for live games. However, there are still some interesting bonuses available for live casino players, and some live game promotions are still worth applying for.

JILIACE Promotion​

JILIACE Casino currently does not have many promotions. They focus on their basic promotions, which include cashback, VIP promotions, and deposit bonuses, all with decent percentage returns. If you prefer a simpler approach to casino promotions without the complexity of many offers, we recommend choosing JILIACE, where you can enjoy high returns in a straightforward manner.

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JILIKO-Share our Facebook NOW! Free bonus 58 PHP

JILIKO – Share the fan page and receive a free bonus 58!

Event Duration: 01/01/2024 – 12/31/2024Simply like and share posts on JILIKO’s fan page, and we will reward you with a free bonus of 58 PHP! HOW TO AVAIL Step 1: Like and share the pinned post on JILIKO’s fan page.Step 2: After sharing, take a screenshot and contact customer service.Step

panaloko-Cashback Live game-and-Sport-promotion-banner

【Panaloko】0.5 Cashback Live game and Sport

At Panaloko, when you bet on Live game and Sport, you can earn up to 0.5% cashback! Every bet you place entitles you to a reward, and the more you bet, the more cashback you receive, with no cap on the bonus!

panaloko-Feedback Opinion Bonus-banner

【Panaloko】Feedback Opinion Bonus

Feedback Opinion Bonus” at PanaloKO values your insights. We are always eager to listen to members’ advice through our Feedback Opinion Bonus initiative.

【JILIACE】-Birthday Bonus-promotion-banner

【JILIACE】Birthday Bonus up to 2888

Celebrate your birthday bonus in style with JILIAC Online Casino’s exclusive birthday gift promotion! Depending on your VIP level, you can receive a spectacular bonus of up to 2888!


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If you want to get more fun and profit in online casinos, BOOKSLOTPH is a worthwhile choice. Not only does it introduce many different types of casinos, but it also introduces many games and generous bonuses, as well as various promotions and activities to choose from. Remember to read all the details and carefully study the conditions of each promotion, so that you can maximize your profits.

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How to apply for bonuses from online casinos is an important question. Usually, there are two ways to apply: the casino system will automatically calculate and distribute the bonus (note that some bonuses need to be claimed on a specific page within a certain period of time, while others will be distributed automatically), or you can contact customer service to apply. You need to read the rules of the promotion and understand how the bonus will be added to your game account.

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