【Panaloko】Invite Friends Get 1999 Cash Bonus

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Invite friends to play Panaloko and get 1% of their deposit. Refer more friends to play this game, so you can receive even more bonuses.

Promotion Tag :share,VIP
Promotional target :All Members
Promotion Platform :
Promotional period :2022/07/01 ~ 2024/07/31

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Rebate Percentage1%
Minimum Reward Amount1 Php
Daily Top Bonus1999 Php


  1. Recomend friends to play and get 1% of their deposit.
    **Example: Friend A deposit 10,000 PHP on August 1 2022 and you will get 100 PHP next day.
  2. When applying for membership, friend must put youre USERNAME for referral ID;if not, you will not get the bonus.
  3. No need to apply for this bonus. System will automatically distribute bonus on 15:00 everyday.
  4. The bonus must be 1 PHP – 1999 PHP everyday.
  5. This bonus need turnover 1X Turnover, no limit on gameplay.
  6. Refer more friends to play this game, so you can get more bonus.


  1. The promotion is limited to each account and IP, phone number, email, bank account and can only be used once. If you reapply for the discount, PanaloKO reserves the right to cancel the discount without prior notice.
  2. PanaloKO reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this promotion at its sole discretion without prior notice.

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