How to Bet Slots for Beginners (9/19/2023)

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If you’ve ever wondered “how to bet slots” amidst the captivating lights of Manila’s iconic casinos, you’re in for a treat. This magnetic allure of slot machines is a hallmark of casinos throughout the Philippines, both in bustling brick-and-mortar establishments and their digital counterparts.

Historically, slots received a lukewarm response from table game aficionados in the Philippines because they required smaller bets. This perception meant that while the high-rollers enjoyed premium services at table games, slot enthusiasts seemed to miss out on those perks. However, times have changed. Now, in the digital world of Philippine online casinos, the popularity and widespread appeal of slots are unmatched.

Among all casino games in the Philippines, none is more beloved than slots. These games are not only simple to play, requiring minimal strategy compared to games like Baccarat or Poker, but they are also loaded with fun features like bonus rounds and free spins. So, for Filipino beginners eager to dive into the world of online gaming, slots are an excellent starting point.

In this beginner’s guide, tailored specifically for our kababayan, we’ll delve into every facet of slot gaming. Our aim? To transform you into a slots master. Even though playing slots seems straightforward, understanding the game’s basics will put you ahead. Furthermore, we’ll share tips to enhance your chances of securing those big wins. This comprehensive guide offers all that and much more.

The allure of slots is undeniable in the Philippine iGaming scene. With countless online casino platforms targeting Filipinos, finding the best can be daunting for newcomers. But rest easy! Our guide has sifted through the options, spotlighting top choices like Wild Casino, ensuring only the best gaming experience for our fellow Pinoys.

A Glimpse into the Origins of Slots

Before diving into the ins and outs of this captivating casino game, let’s travel back in time to grasp its origins. Understanding the game’s evolution enriches one’s appreciation, especially in the bustling casino hubs of Manila and Cebu. The journey begins in 1891 when the Sittman & Pitt company crafted the pioneering slot machine in New York City, featuring 50 playing cards across five drums.

You might be curious about the link between playing cards and slots. We delved deeper into this in a past piece, exploring video poker. Slot machines originally drew inspiration from a 50-card deck, omitting the 10 of spades and the Jack of hearts to tilt the odds in favor of the house. This has always been a topic of spirited discussion among gamblers worldwide, and it’s also the genesis of the term ‘Pokies’ for slots.

The gameplay was straightforward: insert coins, tug the lever, and hope for a winning combination, which was rewarded with drinks or cigars instead of cash. By 1895, the automatic slot machine, innovated by Charles Fey, made its debut, replacing cards with symbols on three reels. The modern era ushered in the first video slot in 1976, thanks to the Fortune Coin Company, later acquired by the renowned IGT.

The Digital Renaissance of Slots

The dawn of the Internet brought groundbreaking changes to the iGaming landscape, with slots at the forefront. Filipino players have witnessed a spectacular evolution from clunky mechanical machines to state-of-the-art online slots. These digital variants now hold a dominant position in most online casinos accessible in the Philippines.

While early online platforms spotlighted classic slots reminiscent of their physical counterparts, innovation soon paved the way for diverse and exhilarating variations, including progressive jackpots with life-changing prizes. Industry giants like NetEnt, RTG, IGT, and Microgaming spearhead this revolution, ensuring a rich and varied gaming experience.

Central to modern slots is the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology, ensuring fairness and unpredictability in every spin. Filipino players, much like their global counterparts, now enjoy the flexibility of accessing their favorite slots from the comfort of their homes or on-the-go. Online casinos are optimized for play across various devices, from PCs to smartphones, thanks to seamless HTML-5 integration. The world of slots is literally at every Pinoy’s fingertips!

Basics of Slots for Beginners

Now that you’re familiar with the slots’ history, you can converse with other slot aficionados without feeling out of place. However, before learning the art of playing the game, you’ll need to equip yourself with essential elements of the game. These elements are standard whether you’re playing offline or online.

  1. Reels

    Have you ever heard the term ‘spin the reels’ in any casino setting, and you got confused? Reels appear horizontally or column-like across your gaming device. Depending on the slot game you’re playing, you’ll find different icons or symbols within those reels.
    Slot games, such as classic slots, have three (3) reels. On the other hand, video slots can have five (5), seven (7), or even nine (9) reels. After wagering and spinning, you win if a particular combination of symbols appears on a payline.
  2. Paylines

    As its name suggests, a payline is a pattern that can make a winning combo. In any slot game you play, you’ll see numbers indicated on either game edge. A payline has rows running from left to right across the slot reels. In addition, paylines can have symbols in one row or alternating rows.
    Slots pay lines can range from one up to 50 paylines or more. For example, let’s say the slot you’re playing has 50 paylines. If you activate all paylines with a max bet, you’ll have 50 different winning styles. For beginners, cramming the payline can be intimidating, but worry not. That’s because the slot games automatically show you the winning paylines and payout accordingly. Tapping the max bet button will play all the paylines of that specific slot game at online casinos.
  3. Rows

    It’s common knowledge what a row is. In slots, they run vertically, and a game can have three or more rows. A combination of specific symbols in one row will give you a payline. However, paylines can’t always appear on one row as they go in all directions as long you have matching symbols.
  4. Symbols

    These are icons that spin on the game’s reels. You’re bound to have different symbols depending on the game you’re playing. For example, if you’re playing sports-based slots, you’ll have matching symbols to the specific sport’s theme.
    The icons have different values, and aligning certain symbols will payout according to their values. High-valued symbols mean higher payouts; the opposite is also true. However, some symbols come with additional properties like bonuses, wilds, and free spins. We’ll expound on this in the next chapter of this article.
  5. Payout Table

    The payout table is the critical part of gameplay. With sheer luck, you can hack it at slot games. However, flying in blind isn’t advisable. Hence, we would advise you to read your ideal game’s payout table before having a go at it.The table indicates what symbols have a winning combination or which icons lead to free spins. Also, the table will show you how much you stand to win on particular combos and much more.

Symbols on Slot Games

Earlier, we mentioned what symbols are in slots. Here, we’re going to explain what the common slot symbols mean in detail. Matching these symbols in specific combinations will allow you to unwrap the gifts they bear. Note: These icons/symbols vary according to the slot game you’re playing.

  1. Wild Symbols

    In Video Poker, a wild card can substitute any card to give you a winning hand. Similarly, when the wild slots icon pops up, it can replace any other symbol to provide you a winning combination. Therefore, the icon gives you boosted winning opportunities.
  2. Scatter Symbols

    Although rare to land while playing, this symbol prompts bonus rounds where you can grab free spins, among other prizes. Interestingly, this icon doesn’t have to show up on your combination line to earn you points.
    The scatter symbols are usually a gambler’s best allies as they can offer a chance at a progressive jackpot. So, anywhere you see the icon, it means goodies are up next.
  3. Sticky Symbols

    When you land on this symbol, your reel stays put for several spins. They’re often hard to acquire, but you need only to match two icons to win when you do.
  4. Multiplier Symbols

    A multiplier symbol multiplies your winnings should you be lucky enough to land on one. Depending on the slot you’re playing, the multiplier can increase your payout by 4x, 2x, or 6x. Unfortunately, they’re rare symbols and are popular with online slots.
    They add a different thrill to the game. Who wouldn’t fancy a multiplier to increase winnings? In some scenarios, wild and scatter symbols could function as multipliers. That would madly escalate your payouts.
  5. Bonus Symbols

    When you land a bonus symbol, you’ll steer away from your regular spins and play bonus games or rounds. In the bonus rounds, you might get free spins which will increase your winning chances. However, there’s no full-proof tactic to ensure wins in bonus rounds. So, it all falls to how lucky of a gem you are.
  6. Stacked Symbols

    These symbols allow standard icons to occupy more than one slot on a reel. Hence, your chances of acquiring a matching combination are magnified. Fortuitous as it may be, you land a stacked wild symbol, your winning opportunities increase exponentially.

The Guide: How to bet Slots

By now, we hope you know the essential elements and symbols of the game. So, let’s get to the fascinating stuff; how to play slots. May the games begin! As stated earlier, playing slot games is straightforward. Our beginner’s manual simplifies it further with the following few steps:

  1. Sign up and deposit funds into your player account.
  2. Select your preferred slot game at our recommended casinos
  3. View the game’s paytable to see the value of each symbol.
  4. Choose the paylines you’d fancy playing. If you’d like to play all the paylines, press the ‘Max Bet’ button.
  5. Push the ‘Spin’ button to spin the reels. If you win, your winnings will be showcased on your screen.

That wasn’t complicated, was it? That’s done and dusted, but it’s not the end. We’ll go ahead to show you how you can maximize your winnings.

Handy Slot Games Tips

We’ve done the homework for you. All you require is to follow our handy tips while playing slots. In doing so, you’ll be having a virtuoso display at the slots.

  1. Set deposit ceilings to manage your bankroll. Don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. Decide how much you can lose and stop playing when you lose that amount.
  2. Choose the slots with the highest Return to Player percentage (RTP%). Each game’s RTP varies. Some have 98%, others 97%. Therefore, please select the best since it means higher winning chances.
  3. Wager on as many paylines as your budget can support. Betting on multiple paylines means you stand to win more often.
  4. It’s typical gambler’s knowledge to stop gambling after winning big. If you continue playing, you might lose everything.
  5. You can play the demo version of each game for free to learn the rules and gameplay. Later, you can wager on real money slots. Furthermore, you can play the free slots versions at our casino.
  6. Play at safe online casinos such as Wild Casino.
  7. Finally, remember to have fun and gamble responsibly.

Types of Online Slots

Slots are commonly determined by the number of reels they possess. In that regard, we have three (3) main types of online slots, as discussed below.

  1. Classic Slots

    These variants are also known as 3-reels slots. You’ll also hear them being referred to as ‘one-arm bandits.’ That name comes from the traditional slot machines, which required the player to pull a lever to initiate a spin.
    For beginners, these are the best variants to start with. That’s because they’re easy to play, learn, and are fast. Landing three matching symbols at classic slots will win you a jackpot. Although few reels reduce a player’s winning opportunities, classic slots have the best payouts.
  2. Video slots

    Also known as 5-reel slots, video slots are an upgrade of the classic slots. They have excellent in-game graphics and entertaining gameplay soundtracks. That would lure in anyone. In addition, they’re the most played slots at online casinos, and they’re the predecessors of modern-day slots.
    Automatically, 5-reel slots come with more paylines. Hence, that means that you have enormous winning chances compared to classic slots. Video slots have additional features, such as free spins, which make the game more fascinating.
  3. Progressive Jackpot Slots

    These types of slots can increase your bankroll beyond your imagination. Have you ever seen the jackpot amount of a slot game rising by the minute? That’s because every time you and other players bet, part of your wager diverts to contribute to the jackpot. Hence the reason why it’s always displayed by most online platforms, if not all.
    Although jackpot winning odds are slender, when you do, you’ll have a bankroll that’ll envy even the house. However, to qualify for the jackpot, you must be wagering with a max bet. The jackpot pools usually reach millions.
    These are the significant slot variations popularly played in online casinos. However, there are other types of online slots that you can learn and enjoy playing.

Odds & Payouts

Unlike other casino games, the odds of slot games don’t change; they don’t fluctuate. Payouts vary incumbent on the slot game you’re playing and the game’s software provider. The crucial aspect is to read the paytable of each slot game you love playing.

In slots, you don’t always know the odds of a particular symbol combination. That’s why some people prefer playing other casino games such as video poker to slots. Without a doubt, not many would pass the opportunity of playing slots because of that. Most gamblers enjoy the itch of the anonymity of slot odds.

However, to ensure you win regularly, we recommend choosing slot games with high RTP percentages. A slot with 95% RTP going upwards is ideal. The payouts of winning paylines are automatically calculated and will be displayed. So, you’ll receive the appropriate payout if you win.

Where to Play Slots for Filipino Players

We recommend these casinos:

A top pick for our kababayans, JILIKO Casino serves up a diverse array of slot experiences. From nostalgic 3-reel classics to cutting-edge video slots, it’s a haven for reel enthusiasts. What’s more, the life-altering progressive jackpots here are the talk of the town. Game offerings, powered by trusted developers like Revolver Gaming and RTG, boast high-definition visuals ensuring a seamless experience across devices. Their standout features? Lightning-fast payouts and a 24/7 attentive customer service.

Read our JILIKO Casino Review or visit JILIKO Casino.


JILIACE caters explicitly to the Filipino heart and soul. Enjoy a secure gaming realm, complemented by a responsive customer service team. Dive into a collection of over 300 slot machines from industry leaders, spotlighting favorites like Mystic World and Thunderbird. First-timers are greeted with a handsome sign-up bonus, and there’s a vast array of deposit and swift withdrawal options.

Read our JILIACE Casino Review or visit JILIACE Casino.


Despite its recent launch in 2020, JILICC Casino has already carved a niche in the gaming community. Esteemed for top-tier games, prompt payouts, and proactive customer support, it promises an unparalleled experience. The realism of their slots is unmatched, and for those looking to hone their skills, there’s an option for free practice play. New players are welcomed with an enticing sign-up bonus, and for the crypto-enthusiasts, Bitcoin deposits are available.

Read our JILICC Casino Review or visit JILICC Casino.


Online slots have etched an unmatched legacy in the casino realm, captivating players with their simplicity and the allure of massive payouts, especially with jackpot versions. While they might not demand skill like other games, a strategic approach can be your game-changer. Harness our insights, and you’ll find the winning edge.

A gentle reminder to our fellow Pinoys: While immersing in the world of slots, always play responsibly. Remember, it’s about the fun and thrill. If you ever feel the pull too strong, our recommended casinos offer tools for responsible gambling — from setting deposit limits to self-exclusion options.

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