【JILIKO】JILIKO Every Day Special Bonus

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Promotion Name:JILIKO Every Day Special Bonus
Promotion Tag :Special
Promotional target :All Members
Promotion Platform :
Promotional period :2022/10/06 ~ 2023/06/30

【JILIKO Promotion】JILIKO Every Day Special Bonus

Promotion detail:

JILIKO loyal members will receive 100 raffle draw tickets daily, randomly.
Each raffle ticket is guaranteed to win 100%, and the prize ranges from 18 to 1688.


  1. The total daily deposit amount is 200+.
  2. There is no need to apply, and it will be released before 6:00 PM every day.
  3. JILIKO will randomly select lucky members who meet the conditions.
  4. Bonus TurnOver requirement: after 1x turnover, there is no limit on the games.
【JILIKO Promotion】JILIKO Every Day Special Bonus-2
how to draw a lucky draw
【JILIKO Promotion】JILIKO Every Day Special Bonus-3


JILIKO selects 100 lucky winners daily from its numerous players, granting them a unique lottery opportunity. However, to participate in the lottery, players must accumulate at least 200 units in deposits on the same day. Although JILIKO has a large number of players, which results in a relatively lower probability of winning, as long as one accumulates more than 200 units in deposits, there is a chance to win a prize. Therefore, this lottery can also be considered an unexpected lucky gift.

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Click here to view the “JILIKO Every Day Special Bonus” promotion details on JILIKO website.

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