【JILIKO】Vip Club CashBack

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Promotion Name:Vip Club CashBack
Promotion Tag :VIP Club
Promotional target :All Members
Promotion Platform :
Promotional period :2023/01/07 ~ 2023/07/01

【JILIKO Promotion】Vip Club CashBack-1

Upgrade conditions for each level:

【JILIKO Promotion】Vip Club CashBack-2

VIP Bonus for each level:

【JILIKO Promotion】Vip Club CashBack-3

**There is a BONUS every month, and you must deposit more than 500 every month to get the bonus.

  1. LV3 members accumulated deposit 500P or up Jan.01-Jan.31, will get VIP bonus 38.
  2. LV3 members accumulated deposit lower than 500P Jan.01-Jan.31, unqualified to claim monthly bonus.

Promotion detail

  1. The system will update the “VIP level” around 3am every day. (it will be upgraded when the quantity of deposits, the total deposit amount and the total bet amount reach a certain amount)
  2. If the conditions are met, click “upgrade”. The system will issue upgrade rewards immediately. If you don’t click, the system will automatically distribute it.
  3. Monthly payment will be issued at 18:00 on the 5th of each month.
  4. The VIP upgrade bonus requires 1X turnover, and there is no limit to games and withdrawals.


  1. How to view VIP information: Member Center> VIP Area>VIP
  2. Claim Bonus method: Member Center>Notification>Bonus> Click to receive
【JILIKO Promotion】Vip Club CashBack-3
how to upgrade vip rank
【JILIKO Promotion】Vip Club CashBack-4
how to claim bonus


The permanent VIP system of JILIKO is highly advantageous for players because they can accumulate data simply by playing on JILIKO. Every time a player upgrades to VIP or at the beginning of each month, they will receive a free bonus. Additionally, if a player reaches level 7, JILIKO’s promotion reward will be even higher. If you enjoy playing on JILIKO, it is recommended that you play on it more often.

JILIKO-LOGO-free-bonus-online-casino-real money

Click here to view the “Vip Club CashBack” promotion details on JILIKO website.

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